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This tumblr account is dedicated to two of the most famous korean boy group in korea, B1A4 & INFINITE .


i am sandeul and woohyun bias :)
and if u know daeyeol he is mine too :P
141014 / cr. I.L.Y

random bambam ; realgot7 season 2 

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 T E A M B || inspiredby.

Yunhyeong & Jinhwan x Soohyun (m&m ep 5)

KIM SOO HYUN; He has a habit of covering his mouth when laughing. According to psychological interpretation, he subconsciously covers his mouth when he laughs to hide his overflowing masculinity.

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so-very-bana-ish’s 1st giveaway!

This was originally supposed to happen when I reached 500 followers, but that happened while I was in Korea, so I’m doing it now as I’m back!

So what I’m giving away are all the albums + poster above:

  • B1A4’s Ignition Special Edition
  • B1A4’s In the Wind with a CNU photocard
  • B1A4’s What’s Going On with CNU stickers
  • B1A4’s Who Am I (group cover)
  • B1A4’s Solo Day (cover A) with a CNU bookmark
  • Solo Day poster

*small note all these CNU photocards/stickers/bookmarks were purely by accident. The store I bought these from must have gotten everything in CNU’s version because every single album I’ve bought there was CNU’s  :) And the Ignition Special Edition does not come with a photocard only because my cousin stole it claiming that she needed sleepy Sandeul.

All these items are completely new! I just took off the plastic so you guys could know who was inside.

Now the rules and details:

  • There will be two winners of this giveaway! The 1st winner will get two choose three albums and will get the poster. The 2nd winner will get the other two albums.
  • Likes count and you can reblog multiple times, but please don’t spam your followers.
  • The giveaway will end on Sept. 31.
  • This giveaway is open internationally - I will take care of shipping costs (I’m planning to ship with USPS but if it doesn’t work with one of the winners or both I’ll choose shipping accordingly)
  • You technically don’t have to be following me, but this is for my followers so it would be nice if you did. I’m choosing to not require people to follow me only because I know people will probably unfollow me once this giveaway is over.
  • No giveaway blogs!
  • Your ask box must be open
  • Once chosen, the winners will have 48 hours to respond or I’ll choose new winner(s)
  • Winners will be chosen randomly with random.org

Just follow these rules and you’ll be set! If you have any questions just send me a message :) Other than that good luck!

B1A4 speaking tagalog


my wangmandu are going back home! 852 hk pride! anw im happy jackson finally met his beloved mother.


Please meet, my father & mother in law.

Mr & Ms Wang!

이종석. Lee Jong Suk

이종석. Lee Jong Suk


[Photo] Lee Jong Suk @ Doctor Stranger from Dong Woo photographer

Credit and more pics : ©inner circle